25 for the 25th: Congressman Knight’s top 25 first-term accomplishments

Constituent Services

1. Opened full-time offices in each valley (Simi, Santa Clarita, Antelope) to provide greater access to staff and services in each community

2. Assisted over 1,000 constituents with issues dealing with the federal government

3. Nominated over 30 high school seniors for military academies, with 18 receiving appointments

4. E-newsletter, Knight Vision, keeps constituents informed every 10 days

5. Fulfilled hundreds of requests for Capitol tours, US flags, and certificates

Small Businesses

6. HR 1390: Small Business Joint Venturing Act to allow small businesses to better compete for federal contracts: SIGNED INTO LAW

7. HR 4322: Mentor-Protégé Cooperation Reform Act to share best-practices with small businesses: PASSED THE HOUSE

8. Regularly hold industry roundtables and business tours to hear and act on concerns of constituents

9. Held two successful Small Business Workshops in Santa Clarita


10. HR 5600: No Hero Left Untreated Act to provide cutting-edge medical care for veterans: BIPARTISAN SUPPORT

11. Held a veteran resources community event as well as created a user-friendly Veterans Benefits Portal on website

12. Regularly work with DOD to acquire medals that veterans have earned, but have not yet received

Law Enforcement/Community Safety

13. Joined the Congressional Law Enforcement Task Force and Heroin Task Force, as well as met with local public safety leaders

Military Readiness/National Security

14. Worked to protect B-21 (LRS-B) program, which will bring many high-quality jobs to district

15. Fought to protect commissary access for military personnel and families

Our District’s Priorities

16. HR 4429: Natural Gas Leak Prevention Act to prevent another incident like the Aliso Canyon gas leak: SIGNED INTO LAW

17. HR 5244, Saint Francis Dam Disaster Memorial Act to commemorate our history and preserve the area for recreational use: PASSED THE HOUSE

18. Successfully requested a State of Emergency for resources to fight the Sand Fire

19. Provided information and assistance to those affected by gas leak and fire

20. Ended years-long battle against CEMEX by halting all mining in Soledad Canyon

21. Co-sponsored multiple bills to bring drought relief to Californians


22. H.Res. 586: to designate the fourth week of May as “DIPG Awareness Week” to increase awareness and promote research of childhood cancers: BIPARTISAN SUPPORT

23. Regularly vote to amend current healthcare laws to provide more choices to patients, lower premium costs, and preserve Medicare’s long-term viability

Science, Space, & Technology

24. HR 5638: Solar Fuels Innovation Act to further explore alternative energy sources: PASSED THE HOUSE

25. HR 4489: FLIGHT R&D Act to reauthorize research programs and develop the FAA’s plan to address increased use of civilian unmanned aircraft (drones): PASSED THE HOUSE

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