Steve Knight’s accomplishments in Washington for YOU!

25 for the 25th


As your Congressman, Steve opened full-time offices in each valley.

As your Congressman, Steve assisted thousands of constituents, especially our Veterans and Retirees, with issues before the federal government.

As your Congressman, Steve continually informed his constituents with weekly newsletters and both in-person and tele town halls.


Steve served as Chairman of the Subcommittee on Contracting & the Workforce in the House Small Business Committee.

Steve introduced the Small Business Joint Venturing Act which allows small businesses to better compete for federal contracts.
Note: Signed into Law!

Steve introduced the SBIR and STTR Improvements Acts to provide opportunities for small businesses to compete and foster innovation in federal defense and national security projects.
Note: Passed the House Unanimoulsy

Steve introduced the Women’s Business Center Improvement Act to provide resources and guidance for women-owned business.
Note - Passed the House

Steve introduced the Workplace Advancement Act to protect women from discriminatory employers and advocate for equal pay for equal work.

As your Congressman, Steve regularly held in-district industry roundtables and business tours to hear and act on the concerns of constituents. Steve is recognized by multiple organizations as a champion for small businesses and entrepreneurs.


Steve introduced the No Hero Left Untreated Act and the Sexual Trauma Response and Treatment Act to provide cutting-edge medical care for Veterans.
Signed Into Law by President Trump!

Steve initiated and developed the Convenient Care Initiative with the VA to expand healthcare program options for Veterans receiving VA healthcare.

Steve hosted Veteran’s resources community events, as well as worked to acquire medals that Veterans have earned, but have not yet received.


Steve introduced the STEP Act (School Training, Equipment, and Protection) to designate an existing Department of Education grant to be used for technology and training for law enforcement and school personnel to respond to an active shooter situation.

Steve worked to address the opioid epidemic on the Congressional Law Enforcement Task Force and Heroin Task Force, resulting in the Recovery Home Certification Act to certify addiction recovery facilities.


Steve introduced the SECRET Act to expedite the security clearance process so defense contractors have quick access to talented and capable workers.
Signed Into Law by President Trump!

Steve has advocated for funding and support for programs such as the B-21, F-35, and MQ-4, that will continue to bring hundreds of high-quality jobs to the district and provide our troops with the most reliable, effective, and safest equipment available.


Steve successfully introduced an appropriations amendment requested by the City of Santa Clarita to protect funding for Community Development Block Grants.

Steve successfully secured language in FY18 Omnibus Appropriations halting all mining in Soledad Canyon, ending a years long battle against CEMEX .

Steve secured a $47 million grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation to relieve traffic on I-5, in and around Santa Clarita.

Steve introduced the Natural Gas Leak Prevention Act to prevent another incident like the Aliso Canyon gas leak. The provisions from this bipartisan bill were included in the Protecting our Infrastructure of Pipelines and Enhancing Safety Act of 2016.
Note: Signed into Law!

Steve introduced the St Francis Dam Disaster Memorial Act, to commemorate our history and preserve the area for recreational use.
Signed Into Law by President Trump!


Steve introduced the Women in Aerospace Education Act to increase STEM and aerospace education for women.
Signed Into Law by President Trump!

Steve introduced FLIGHT R&D Act to maintain and strengthen America’s leadership in aeronautics and aviation research fields. The provisions from this bipartisan bill were included in the Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization Act of 2018.
Signed Into Law by President Trump!

Steve introduced the Friendly Airports for Mothers Act to direct the FAA to include special areas in airports to allow traveling mothers to breastfeed in privacy and safety. The provisions from this bipartisan bill were included in the Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization Act of 2018.
Signed Into Law by President Trump!

Steve founded and chaired the House NASA Caucus, a bipartisan coalition to advocate for aeronautics development, space exploration, and scientific discovery.

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